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SWISSVAX Marine Plastic Wash

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SWISSVAX Marine Plastic Wash

  • A plastic and vinyl cleaner for all types of plastic/vinyl surfaces including 

    Artificial Leather, Vegan Leather, high and low density plastics and Vinyl surfaces

  • Applied with a Swissvax Cleaning brush, it effortlessly, efficiently and thoroughly cleans all plastic and vinyl surfaces

  • pH-neutral and biodegradable active ingredients without solvents

  • After cleaning we highly recommend to apply Swissvax Marine "Protecton" to restore, refresh and condition these surfaces

Swissvax Plastic Wash is a perfect cleaner for all types of plastic surfaces that you can find in the interior or cockpit areas of your boat/yacht. Vinyl seats in marine craft require regular cleaning but often the proprietary cleaners on the market contain harsh and aggressive chemicals which speed up the ageing process along with UV and sun damage. You can greatly prolong the life of your vinyl seats with regular cleaning with Swissvax Plastic Wash followed by regular applications of Swissvax "Protecton" conditioner.