What OPTiX Nano Technologies is about.


OPTiX Nano Technologies is a 100% Australian owned and operated family business based in the suburb, O'Connor, in Perth. The local brand was started by Des; the founder of the well-known Perth detailing shop, AutoFX WA. After affiliating with different brands and learning how cut-throat an industry can be, Des decided that he needed to create his own.

OPTiX offers a range of products that everyday people to expert detailers can use to achieve a stunning result without having to invest too much money. To support other Australian businesses/companies, we source products that are local. Majority of the packaging, including bottles, labels, caps and triggers are sourced locally as well.

Roughly 90% of our products (like liquids) are filled in house and labelled in house. You may notice some variation which is simply because it isn't done in a factory. However this can't always be the case so we have to source some products outside of Australia (as most companies do anyway).

With our brand, we hope to connect people with their passion for detailing and to promote a good culture. We understand, first hand, how cut throat companies and industries can be and that is why we want to be that breath of fresh air for customers. Instead of the smoke and mirrors, we will tell you how it is and what our products can do.