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 AutoFX WA - Head Office - O'Connor

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Question: What is the difference between an OPTiX Certified Detailer/Partner and someone whom is an OPTiX Detailer ?
Answer: OPTiX Certified Detailers/Partners whom are listed as OPTiX Certified Detailer, installer or partner. "OPTiX Certified Detailers" are individuals who OPTiX/AutoFX WA sees as TRUSTED partners. They have few special privileges which include offering OP1 coating and OPTiX warranties.
OPTiX Detailers are the general public or the professional detailer that sees themselves as a proud user of OPTiX products. They believe our products are premium and want to share the love of having cars detailed with OPTiX.
Question: Do OPTiX Detailers offer the coating service with the OPTiX warranty? 
Answer: Sorry in most cases NO. However OPTiX/AutoFX WA do have a program for some lucky OPTiX Detailers to offer a limited warranty service. These selected OPTiX Detailers understand their obligations and responsibilities in offering and advertising of their OPTiX warranty service to OPTiX and the customer. They must provide you with an OPTiX warranty card, the OPTiX warranty box which will contain a small bottle of OPTiX Shampoo, a small bottle of OPTiX Final Boost and an OPTiX towel with a box made and printed in Australia made for OPTiX. They must perform the OP888 as per our instructions with 2 separate layers with a minimum of 4 hours in between each coat. Although it is always best to put on each layer on separate days or 14 in lower temperatures.
Question: How do I join the OPTiX detailer family?
Answer: Apply at OPTiX/AutoFX WA or SWISSVAX Australia
Question: What are the rules and requirements to become an OPTiX Detailer with OP888 & RIMCOAT warranty authorisation?
Answer: Must have
  • have been using more than 50% of our product range which is recorded by sales records for a minimum or 6 months
  • demonstrate or prove a positive & professional business profile through social media, websites, advertising, videos and training with us.
  • Proof of happy OPTiX customers
We judge each detailer by each individual's case and circumstances carefully before qualifying to use the warranty service.