OPTIX NANO TECHNOLOGIES – Unparallel Paint Protection

OPTiX Nano technologies takes the car care to the next level. We bring phenomenal paint protection coating products along with our professional car detailing expertise, within your reach. Tried and tested at various levels, our products imitate the finest among the car care standards and strive to bring about that lost gleam your car deserved.

We Are Stronger And Better Than Before!

With a renewed enthusiasm, we introduce our new breed of SiO2 coatings with improved quality and value added results. This new version of SiO2 coatings is based on advanced research and development that makes it stronger in its holding ability and many times better in bonding. In comparison to our previous SiO2 coatings technology, especially the ones we imported from china in the early days, our new SiO2 coatings preserve the strength and finish in a visibly enhanced way. Experience the difference yourself!

Our Application Is Our Forte

Among the several coating products that throng our markets today. What sets us apart is our sophisticated application process undertaken by trained professionals. Firstly our system is made specifically with a primer coat which is covered over by a top coat. It means our system is made to layer on top of each other to form a stronger coat. Moreover, unlike the regular application procedures followed commonly, we install two coats instead of a single coat. We cure between each coat to ensure maximum thickness and durability.

Our Products

In contrast to the regular wax or sealant coatings, our glass coatings are much more durable and harder. Glass Coating comprises of a clear coating made of liquid glass. (Silica Glass – Siloxane – SiO2 ) This is a highly clear liquid which hardens on contact with the air. It is a solid membrane that provides a durable high gloss protection. The life period of this type of coating is usually up to 3 years or in some case it may extend up to 5 years.

Our glass coating products range includes:

OPTiX OP888  

  • Best for use by mobile detailers or DIY with some cautions
  • V2 creates the best bond out of all OPTiX SiO2 Coatings
  • Suitable and recommended for factory matte/satin or vinyl finishes
  • Application requires multiple stages in the process
  • Best cured in house using infrared lamps during colder climates
  • OPTiX OP888 suits the mobile detailer & DIY
  • Best results with 2 to 3 layers, 4 to 6 hours between layers

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  • OP1 is the ONE you want
  • OP1 is a harder coating compared to OP888
  • Increases the colour saturation and contrast of your vehicle
  • It has a wetter gloss than OP888 and lasts up to 5 years
  • Application of OP1 should only be installed in house and best left-over night with final checks the next day
  • Best cured in house for better climate control
  • Must be applied by a trained and experienced detailer


We offer a range of aftercare products to provide maximum care to your vehicle. OPTIX FINAL BOOST, OPTIX NANO SLICK or OPTiX #NINE are the complete care products you will need. SWISSVAX waxes are considered to be safe on OP888 & OP1 coatings.


OPTiX shampoo

OPTiX shampoo is made in Western Australia and is our own unique formulation. It is made for thickest creamy snow foam car wash shampoo or bucket washing. OPTiX Shampoo is gentle on any high end waxes and made specifically to be, Australian Made & packed in Perth A unique OPTiX formula Be safe on new cars, classic cars, bikes, ATVs, SUVs, exotic vehicles, luxury vehicles or light commercial vehicles. Panel shop safe A thick foaming vehicle wash shampoo The best thing about OPTiX SHAMPOO is the good cleaning power without stripping waxes, sealants and highly recommended with your SiO2 coating. Watch how easy it is to rinse away the suds faster without any residue. Bottled in Australia and packaging materials sourced in Australia.



OPTiX #NINE is a is a sprayable synthetic quick detailer that is in a league of its own. OPTiX #NINE unlike most quick detailers are not made for maximum protection with 100 degree contact angle water bead quality. OPTiX #NINE has the high performance protection like any of the luxury wax brands yet affordable. OPTiX #NINE is much easier than the old fashioned detailing ways of “wax on, wax off”. The best feature of OPTiX #NINE is the shine and gloss producing that “New Look Shine” Have the confidence at any concours car or bike show with OPTiX #NINE. OPTiX #NINE it technically a sealant, it also has that warm gloss of a high end wax. OPTiX #NINE does NOT contain SiO2/Silica and is 100% body shop safe. Use OPTiX #NINE on New or used vehicles including cars, bikes & marine for paint protection Newly painted vehicles / repairs for in replace of traditional wax Exterior glass or gloss plastics for protection and rain repellent Chrome, alloy, brass & stainless steel to reduce oxidation Vehicles for show and shine competitions Ceramic coatings Waxes and sealants Household surfaces like kitchen bench tops, splash backs to cupboards & more. MADE & PACKAGED IN AUSTRALIA

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  • Offers a truly deep shine & instant protection after washing.
  • Adds a very thin layer of hydrophobic water proofing type protectant.
  • The easiest way to increase shine, protect and maintain paint coatings
  • Apply to wheels to make wheels easier to clean
  • Will not leave white residue on plastics
  • Should be used with a ceramic coating from day ONE
  • Beginners should use a hose connected dispenser 
  • Can be used over any wax or sealant



OPTiX Nano Technologies Dual Action Random Orbital Polisher

The OPTiX Nano Technologies 15mm/21mm Dual Action Random Orbital Polisher has been engineered from the ground up to deliver the agility, power, and precision needed for superior performance and unmatched comfort.


Use This Polisher For:

  • Rapid paint levelling
  • Effective paint correction and sealant application
  • Professional detailing
  • Easy scratch and defect remover


Advanced And Innovative Technology

The OPTiX’s powerful 1000-watt motor, 15mm-21mm orbit, and 5-6″ vented backing plate provide the perfect amount of power, pad rotation, and control. It’s light, comfortable, smooth running, fun to use, and most of all highly effective. Minimal vibration and enhanced stability allow for prolonged use with minimal fatigue. The improved action, dual movement, relatively easy learning curve, and safe operation make this dual-action polisher ideal for casual or professional use.


Perfect Results Every Time

The key to extending the longevity of a vehicle’s paint is proper upkeep, including waxing and polishing. With the cost of painting a vehicle being hundreds or even thousands of dollars, waxing and polishing is an inexpensive way to keep your vehicle looking like new. What was once a labour-intensive task that required a lot of elbow grease can be done faster and with better results and less effort using this Dual-Action Random Orbital Polisher!


Lightweight, Ergonomic Design

Lightweight, ergonomic design makes this polisher easy to manoeuvre in all positions. We have taken all the lessons learned from our years of dual-action orbital experience  & evolution then poured them into the OPTiX. This results in a tool that is so easy to use that even first timers can detail their ride with confidence, peace of mind, and high expectations. Get yours today and power your car’s shine to new heights.


Key Features:

  • The most comfortable, most balanced orbital we’ve ever created
  • Powerful 1,000-watt motor, 15mm or 21mm orbit for efficient defect removal
  • Equipped with interchangeable 5″ and 6″ backing plate for versatility
  • Variable speed control
  • 4-meter cable for added convenience
  • Comes with a 12-month Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Spare brushes
  • Removable handle
  • Made for the detailer or hobbyist


The OPTiX OPDA21PRO & the OPDA15PRO is a DA/RO professional detailing polisher made to cut through the toughest swirls and scratches. Find more info go to the shop here

Real World Results - More about OPTIX

  • What is OPTiX truly about?

    What is OPTiX truly about? OPTiX is proudly West Australian owned and operated. Most of our car care liquids are made in Western Australia. Our SiO2 technologies are Japanese. Started by Des, the founder of AUTOFX WA. A professional detailing business that was one of the first to push the boundaries of the local detailing […]

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  • Why your car needs crystal glass coating protection?

    The primary purpose of OPTIX glass coating is to act as a sacrificial barrier coating over the surface of your car’s paint. Any time anything comes into contact with your car’s paint, before it can cause any damage to the paint, it first has to get past the layers of glass coating. When your car’s […]

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  • Range Rover by WestCar Detailing

    Watch the feature video here Range Rover coated in OPTiX OP888 V2 by Oli Jeanes at WestCar Detailing Perth WA 🛡 PAINT PROTECTION 🛡 Brand new Range Rover Sport Supercharged treated with and Optix OP1V2 Hybrid ceramic coating. 🇦🇺 Australian owned ⚔ Scratch resistant ✨ High gloss 💦 Superior water beading 🛁 Self cleaning Be […]

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  • CV8 by Daniel, Victoria – OP888 V2

    "Had some fun detailing Michael's already immaculate Monaro this weekend. Full paint correction and protected for years to come with Optix Nano Techonologies glass coating" - share from customer 's instrgram

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  • SiO2 Coatings. Ceramic vs Glass vs Quartz

    Many of us from professional installers, hobbyists and general consumers get confused when it comes to the array of SiO2 coatings avaible today. So here is a quick easy to understand word from the technical department. There are many kinds of Si raw materials, and the application range is very wide. Some Si can be […]

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  • OPTIX V2 Professional

    Welcome to OPTIX V2 Professional news update.   OPTIX OP888 V2& OP1 V2 paint protection are professional only installed coatings, why? Unlike the original OP888 & OP1 which are designed for DIY or beginner professionals, the V2 coatings are the equivalent of super glue! If you do do install any part of the coating and […]

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  • BMW M3 – OP1

    BMW M3 – OPTIX FINAL POLISH & OP1  Paint correction using 3M Perfect #1 to level the deep scratches before refining the paint work to a glossy finish using OPTIX FINAL POLISH. FINAL POLISH finishes paint work to an amazing swirl and hologram free shine and a jaw dropping gloss. FINAL POLISH is silicone free […]

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  • WRX – OPTIX OP1 

    Fresh custom paintwork on the WRX bug eye.  Firstly polished with 50mls OPTIX FINAL POLISH, alcohol wiped before the careful application of  Glass Coating.  Work performed by Des and student John.  OPTIX training starts at $400

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  • AMG C63 S Ed 1 #2

    Great news, our 2nd C63 Edition One treated with OPTIX OP888.  Owner Anish is very satisfied with OPTIX OP888.  Work was done by AUTOFX WA  The next picture shows the finished result of OP888 applied to the SunTek PPF-M

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  • What car wash? 

    What car wash should I use with my OPTIX Coatings? Washing your coating. So far I have found the best car wash that works to compliment the coating is Chemical Guys VO7 car wash. VO7 is gentle, really affordable and really adds shine. I do have an OPTIX car wash which is a completely different technology of […]

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  • How to win a Car Show

    ​How to win a car club show and shine like John owner of this classic 5 Series. Yes there’s  is the obvious checks,  repairs and replacement of mechanical, panel and paint and interior but it isn’t enough to win if it isn’t really clean, detailed or well polished. Ask for a copy of the judging […]

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  • Brand new Mustang GT with OP1

    Here’s a brand new FORD Mustang GT done for Peter Gardin from Morley Western Australia. Work was carried out by AUTOFX WA unit 5 14 Vuclan Road Canning Vale WA 6155 The Mustang came in with less than 100kms on the clock. After washing we discovered a few scratches on the bonnet and boot lid. […]

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