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OPTiX Nano Technologies is an Australian owned and operated family business, providing the hardcore detailers to the weekend warriors with a streamlined range of car care products and ceramic paint protection. Our products are tried, tested and used everyday to achieve outstanding results up to a professional level.

Ceramic Coatings

We offer a streamlined range of true quartz-based ceramic coatings catered for Australia's hot and erratic climate. Our lifecycles are based on 3-5 years as we believe your ride should be maintained regularly. If you are uncertain about doing it yourself, don't worry, you can check out our detailer network to see who can do it for you!

Paint Corrections

To achieve a clean and glossy finish, you need to polish the paint. If your paint is old, lacks clarity, oxidised and super swirly, putting a ceramic coating over it will not magically hide your problems. Polishing can seem daunting at first but is a handy and easy skill to pickup for future endeavours. We have all the machines, compounds and pads that you will need to get started!

Car Maintenance

Whether your car is ceramic coated or not, it still deserves to be maintained. We have all the bases covered for washing your vehicle, wheels, drying, interior cleaning and more.

McLaren MP4-12C Paint Protection

OPTiX OP888 v2 Ceramic Coating

This is our industry standard most popular coating that can be used as either a single or double layer. We rate the lifetime at 3 years, however we often see this still kicking on some cars 4-5 years after application. OP888 v2 is an insanely easy coating to apply, with a very long flash time, making it delightful to use all the time. It is super hydrophobic and handles well on daily driven vehicles.

OPTiX OP1 Ceramic Coating

OPTiX OP1 is our tougher ceramic coating that is exclusive to our certified installers. It cannot be layered upon itself, instead works in a hybrid system as a top coat above a layer of OPTiX OP888 v2. OP1 can last up to 5 years or more, with a better gloss and increased beading. It is harder to work with as it flashes faster than OP888 v2, sometimes being impossible to apply in summer. However, the slickness of the OP888 v2 base coat, makes this quite easy to spread. Contact a detailer to receive this treatment.

OPTiX FMJ Graphene Coating

OPTiX FMJ utilises revolutionary technology with infused Graphene-Oxide to provide a different gloss and protection. FMJ excels with a single layer but can be layered to be stronger and more durable. A single layer can last up to 2-3 years, where as a double layer will last up to 3-4. This coating is harder to spread as it is sticky and flashes faster than OP888 v2.

OPTiX Rim Coat

Save yourself time and effort when cleaning your wheels by coating them in OPTiX Rim Coat. This is our specially formulated coating that can withstand temperatures higher than 300°c. This is affordable and easy to apply, with the benefits being hydrophobic wheels, great gloss or matte sheen (yes, it is safe of matte wheels!), and most importantly, brake dust will be so much easier to remove. Application is similar to OP888 v2, has a long flash time but is slightly sticky.

Our Perth Store

We have a physical store! Receive some face-to-face advice and information on our products.

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