Certified Application

Every certified/approved OPTiX application of OPTiX FMJ comes with a 3x3 year product warranty which covers the cost of replacement OPTiX ceramic coating supplied to a certified OPTiX applicator. Each certified OPTiX applicator will supply you with aftercare advice and sales of OPTiX detailing products.

FMJ Graphene coating applied for you by a detailer

Thank you for wanting to learn more about having your vehicle coated in FMJ by a Certified/Approved OPTiX detailer.

The benefits of having a detailer apply the product for you includes the 3 year warranaty that can be renewed every 3 years, a maximum of 9 years in total from the day of initial application. You also get great advise of what preperation is requiredor not required. Most important is aftercare advice.

We recommend calling one of the Certified/Approved OPTiX detailers as a starting point. If you do not have a recommended OPTiX detailer near you please ask your favorite choice of detailer to become an approved OPTiX detailer for the use of FMJ.

A Certified/Approved OPTiX detailer understands to abide by rules and their own obligations to both you and OPTIX Nano Technologies.

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