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SWISSVAX Leather Cleaner

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SWISSVAX Leather Cleaner

  • Highly effective yet gentle cleaning for newer leather and darker colours
  • Regular use maintains the beauty of the leather surface
  • Use together with the SWISSVAX cleaning brush for non-perforated leather, treat perforated leather with the sponge applicator only
  • Offers an outstanding cleaning power but still is safe for regular leather cleaning thanks to its pH neutral formula with biodegradable active ingredients and glycerine
  • For best results we recommend to use in combination with the Swissvax Leather Brush or sponge applicator pad
  • Always clean with leather cleaner before application of leather milk, leather Glaze or leather healer dyes.

Swissvax Leather Cleaner is a gentle pH neutral long-term tested formula comprising of biodegradable active ingredients and is enriched with glycerine and is safe for regular leather cleaning. In contrary to other solvent based leather cleaning products it does not affect the leather itself or its colour, solvents tend to accelerate the process of aging and often also affect the leather colour.

For older or heavily soiled leather surfaces we also offer the Swissvax Leather Cleaner Forte (Strong)

We recommend to apply Swissvax leather milk conditioner after use


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