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SWISSVAX Aviatico Wax For Aircraft and Helicopters

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A truly special premium wax developed for the aviation manufacturing industry in Switzerland producing both military and civil aircraft.

Derived from the originally developed “High Speed” wax for Brabus for their 24h high speed tests at the Nardo racetrack in Italy, Aviatico is a “slippery” formulation concentrating to repel dirt, water and to prevent the build-up of bug residues. It naturally offers also the typical Swissvax gloss enhancement properties which our waxes are famous for.

Whether you have an executive jet, turboprop aircraft or a helicopter Swissvax Aviatico wax will provide a super slick hydrophobic surface which is stable at sub zero temperatures and high ambient temperature fluctuations encountered at high and low altitudes.

Made with 40 Vol. % of pure North Brazilian yellow Grade one Carnauba wax heavily infused with PTFE Teflon and special binders to ensure adhesion on a variety of surfaces commonly used in the Aviation industry including powder coats, painted finishes and bare aluminium surfaces.

  • Caters for the care and protection of these surfaces offering enhanced longevity
  • Hand made in Switzerland since 1930 for uncompromised quality
  • Contains natural UV filters and stabilisers
  • Perfect for painted propeller blades and rotors too!
  • Discover now why Swissvax is the official Global supplier of car care products and waxes to Bugatti, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz Classic, Rolls-Royce, Spyker and Lamborghini

Swissvax Aviatico wax is a special wax formulation as it caters for the specific paintwork care and protection needs of aircraft only, no compromise for other paint systems (e.g. nitrocellulose, acrylic or direct gloss automotive paints) was necessary. This results in a drastically increased longevity of over 50% compared to our universal waxes.