OPTiX Solvent Cleaner

OPTiX Solvent Cleaner

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OPTiX Solvent Cleaner

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OPTiX Solvent Cleaner is a cleaning agent for the removal of waxes, grease, tar, polish, oils, grime, glue/adhesives, stains, silicone as well as cleaning carpet and spot removal for various surfaces.

What To Use It For:

  • Get rid of stains.
  • Dissolve unwanted substances.
  • Remove other harmful chemicals.
  • Paint, wheels, fabrics and more.


Solvent can be a good addition when decontaminating your car. Traditionally a decon consists of iron remover and clay barring. When it comes to stains and spots like tar, solvent is the ideal choice as traditional decontaminations won't remove tar. This is great for cleaning really tough areas that can be hard to clean.

How To Use It:

  1. Grab a towel, cloth or rag.
  2. Spray solvent lightly on to the tip of your applicator or directly on to the surface.
  3. Let it sit for a few seconds before wiping it.
  4. If the target persists, repeat.


  • Applicable Locations: Exterior & Interior
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Product Type: Spray Solvent
  • Sizes: 500mL & 1L
  • Comes with a trigger