OPTiX Rolling Bucket Dolly
OPTiX Rolling Bucket Dolly

OPTiX Rolling Bucket Dolly

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OPTiX Rolling Bucket Dolly

The OPTiX Bucket Dolly eliminates having to carry buckets around cars. These nifty accessories allow you to roll your buckets around the premises and can even connect together to form a bucket dolly chain!

What To Use It For:

  • Convenience
  • Rolling Buckets Around
  • Not Having To Pick Up Buckets

The Dolly's Nifty Features

With bucket dollies, you can freely move the buckets as you move around the car instead of picking them up and moving them every so often or walking around the car back to your buckets to rinse. The wheels are lockable, if you are working on an incline/decline driveway, then rest assured they will not roll away... There are three locking screws on the sides of the dollies, which means these are adjustable for different sized buckets and also will hold them into place.

Chain Your Buckets

You can chain multiple dollies together to connect your wash bucket, rinse bucket, wheel bucket and more together. If you wish to chain three or more buckets, you will need to purchase the double dolly system, a joining plate and then the extra dollies you wish to add.