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OPTiX Perforated Chamois

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OPTiX Perforated Chamois

The OPTiX Perforated Chamois is a great drying solution for your door jambs, rims and more. These however are not an ideal choice for drying the exterior of your car because they have a much greater chance of scratching your car as opposed to a dedicated microfibre drying towel. So you should not use your chamois in place of your drying towel and vice versa.

What To Use It For:

  • Drying wheels.
  • Drying door jambs.
  • Drying engine bays.
  • Drying around the fuel cap.
  • Cleaning all of the above.

Why Use A Chamois?

These perforated chamois are made of a synthetic rubber-like material that has much greater absorption abilities over a drying towel. They last much longer, meaning you don't need to wring them out as much. They also leave more of a streak-free finish as opposed to a microfibre towel and are overall much easier to work with. Chamois make for a great cloth to use in the door jambs etc as seen above. It saves your drying towels from picking up all the dirt within those areas and means that you won't get those annoying droplets coming from those areas.

Chamois Downsides

All chamois have downsides to them compared to microfibre towels. As a detailer you want to avoid using them on the body as they are more abrasive especially when they have picked up dirt. Chamois are very easy to store however once dry they become stiff and if used incorrectly will further chance of scratching. Chamois need top be wet to be soft and useful which means they do not work in a waterless environment.

How To Use It:

  1. Reach the drying stage.
  2. Using a microfibre towel, dry the top half of the car
  3. Switch to a damp chamois and proceed to wipe around all door jambs including engine bay and fuel cap to minimise any drips of water that may go on the outside body.
  4. Wipe down the rest of the car with a microfibre towel.

Things To Note:

  • Size: 67cm x 59cm - 26" x 23"
  • Perforated