OPTiX Nano N2 Cordless - AutoFX WA Car Care Products
OPTiX Nano N2 Cordless - AutoFX WA Car Care Products
OPTiX Nano N2 Cordless - AutoFX WA Car Care Products

OPTiX Nano N2 Cordless Polisher

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OPTiX Nano N2 Cordless Polisher

OPTiX Nano N2 Cordless Polisher utilises the latest polisher technology, adapting between Dual Action and Rotary, and 1″ and 2″ backing plate sizes. It is an absolute highlight in the product category battery-operated polishing machines. Due to its extra ergonomic design, this mini battery-operated polishing machine is ideal in the hand.

What To Use It For:

  • Polishing small areas
  • Saves you plugging into an outlet
  • Swap between rotary and dual action

Detailing Essential

Constant electronics ensure that the machine can deliver constant torques and speeds. The 3mm / 12mm Eccentric Mechanism and Rotary Mechanism Heads are ideal for use in a variety of applications, and even the smallest and hard-to-reach surfaces can be easily and effectively machined. This product is an absolute must for any car care enthusiast and ensures significantly more fun and polishing effectiveness.

Ideal For The Hard-To-Reach Areas

A compact, ergonomic and light weight multi-action hand held machine polisher, the Nano Long Neck Polisher is quite simply the perfect tool for getting into even the smallest and most difficult to reach areas. For example, it's ideal for spoilers, wheels, mirrors, air intakes, door handles, and other tight areas. It achieves all of this without the constraints of trailing cables.

Dual Action & Rotary

Dual Purpose Easily adaptable between Dual-Action and Rotary by removing the dual-action mechanism and replacing it with one of the backing plates provided, easily changing between 1″ and 2″ for maximum access. You can also increase the reach of the polisher with our alloy extension bars (included) for both dual action and rotary modes by fitting the bars between the polisher and the mechanism or backing plate.


1) 3mm/ 12mm Dual Action Throw 2) Rotary Option

3) Ergonomic design with maximum comfort and grip

4) 5 Speed Settings

5) 2 Batteries to allow continuous use (with one on charge)

6) Adaptable to 1″, 2" or 3″ backing plates (included)

7) Increase the reach of the polisher with our optional alloy extension bars

8) CNC Counterweight, Smooth and Balance

9) LED power indicator 


Product Name 
OPTiX New Cordless Battery Nano Mini Cordless Car Polisher OPN2
Item No.
Rated Power 
Rated Voltage 
110-240V AC
Dual Purpose
 Rotary, 3mm Orbital, 12mm Orbital for Options
Backing Plate Pad Size
30mm, 50mm, 75mm 
No Load Speed 
Battery Capacity
Battery Charging Time
2pcs Batteries, 1pc Battery Charge, 1pc Switching Power Supply, 1pc 30mm Backing Plate, 1pc 50mm Backing Plate, 1pc Wrench, 1pc
3mm Orbit CNC Copper Counterweight, 1pc 12mm Orbit CNC Copper Counterweight, 1pc Brush, and 1pc EVA Bag