OPTiX Intermediate Car Maintenance Kit

OPTiX Intermediate Car Maintenance Kit

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OPTiX Car Maintenance Kit

The OPTiX Car Maintenance Kits aim to provide the individual with a kit of OPTiX products that will suffice in maintaining their car. These kits come in three levels; entry-level, intermediate and a master collection. The level of the kit determines what you get in the kit and what size the bottles come in.

Everything You Will Need

Our OPTiX Car Maintenance Kits will provide you with everything you need from washing the car to cleaning the interior. You will have the necessary items to wash your car down, clean the wheels, spray after wash, quick detail, window clean, dress plastics/rubber and clean interior.

This Kit Includes:

  • 1x OPTiX 15L Wash Bucket
  • 1x OPTiX 15L Rinse Bucket
  • 1x OPTiX Bluey Wash Mitt
  • 1x OPTiX Hose Sprayer
  • 1x OPTiX Wheel Brush For Wheel Faces
  • 1x OPTiX Microfiber Wheel Brush For Barrels
  • 2x OPTiX Twisted Loop Drying Towel
  • 1x OPTiX Microfiber Window Towel
  • 1x OPTiX 5 Pack Buff Mate Towels
  • 1x OPTiX 4 Pack UFO Foam Applicator
  • 1x OPTiX Shampoo 1L
  • 1x OPTiX Final Boost 1L
  • 1x OPTiX Window Cleaner 1L
  • 1x OPTiX Iron Remover 1L
  • 1x OPTiX APC 1L
  • 1x OPTiX Fast Finish 1L
  • 1x OPTiX All Trim 1L
  • 1x OPTiX Interior Cleaner 1L

Note: This kit will include all necessary triggers.

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