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OPTiX Exterior Paint Protection Pack

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This is an easy 123 GO solution for the detailer wanting 3 months non permanent protection shine and gloss for vehicles in very good condition. 

Each step is easy and does not require much effort at all :) 

This is also the perfect ceramic coating care and maintenance kit :)

Final Boost is a SiO2 hydrophobic spray.

The active ingredients clings to any solid surface that it comes in contact with at a molecular level and will repel water and or most things that contain some form of water. It changes they we care for our vehicles by replacing the need to use wax or traditional sealants.


This is the new line of water based ceramic coatings that can last up to 6 months and for low km vehicles that are always under cover you may find it lasting longer

 Use this for,

  • You want an easy way to ceramic coat your vehicle
  • Up to 6 months protection with 10/10 water beading properties. 
  • ceramic coat your ride with easy application, no experience required
  • To get a great Shine is 8/10 (add OPTiX Nano for 10/10)
  • Protection level at peak is 9/10
  • Great as a wax or coating booster to gain 10/10 protection levels
  • Use over a Ceramic Coating as extra strong maintenance
  • Use on paint, wheels, rain repellent and many other uses
  • Cost effective for vehicle dealerships, and all detailing businesses


is a sprayable synthetic quick detailer that is in a league of its own. OPTiX #NINE unlike most quick detailers are not made for maximum protection with 100 degree contact angle water bead quality. 

OPTiX #NINE has the high performance protection like any of the luxury wax brands yet affordable. OPTiX #NINE is much easier than the old fashioned detailing ways of "wax on, wax off". The best feature of OPTiX #NINE is the shine and gloss producing that "New Look Shine" Have the confidence at any concours car or bike show with OPTiX #NINE. OPTiX #NINE it technically a sealant, it also has that warm gloss of a high end wax.

We recommend you buying new microfibre towels/cloths and a microfibre applicator.