OPTiX Candy Pop Standard Ceramic Coating Kits
OPTiX Candy Pop Standard Ceramic Coating Kits
OPTiX Candy Pop Standard Ceramic Coating Kits

OPTiX Candy Pop Standard Ceramic Coating Kits

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OPTiX Candy Pop Standard Ceramic Coating Kits

OPTiX Candy Pop is a premium quartz/ceramic SiO2 glass coating designed for show car and concourse vehicles. A coating like this is not to be intended for paint protection but to enhance gloss like no other. The ultra thick layer this produces creates an incredible gloss that also saturates paints, bringing out bright colours and metallic flakes.

What To Use It For:

  • Prevent dirt, grime and/or stains on the paint.
  • Prevent external damages such as scratches.
  • Prevent damage of clear coat.
  • Add protection/longevity to your vehicle's paint.
  • Produce a beautiful deep shine.
  • Gloss or matte vehicles.

What Is OPTiX Candy Pop?

OPTiX Candy Pop is still a true glass coating and contains pure SiO2. Candy Pop cannot be layered, it can either be a topcoat over OP888 or OP1 and also can be used as a basecoat only. It is 30% thicker than OP888 and OP1 however is softer than the listed OPTiX ceramic coatings. This means it can be removed quite easily, but also does not have the lifespan of a proper protective coating. Candy Pop is rated to last 1-2 years depending on factors/elements such as daily-driving or if the car is not garaged. Due to its softness, it is quite easy to apply and gives good working times.

Wet-Gloss And Show-Car Shine

The purpose of OPTiX Candy Pop is not for protection, it is for aesthetic. The glass look and thickness contribute to its stunning wet-gloss finish. This coating also creates extreme colour saturation of the surface it is applied to, making your colour pop on your car. Candy Pop once cured on the paint is slick to the touch and is quite hydrophobic, producing fatter water beads compared to OPTiX OP888 and OP1. The finish Candy Pop produces it on par if not superior to luxury car waxes.

How To Use It:

When it comes to ceramic coatings, you can pay a car detailer (ideally OPTiX certified detailers) to apply the coat for you. Or you purchase this bottle and apply it yourself.

  1. Wash the vehicle.
  2. You will need to prime the surface - decontaminate the vehicle using an iron remover as well as claying the whole car.
  3. You will then need to give the vehicle a buff to make sure you have good clean paint to work with.
  4. Gather the necessary items you will need (in description).
  5. Apply a layer of coating.
  6. Allow to cure for roughly 4 hours.
  7. Apply second layer.
  8. Allow to cure.

What This Kit Includes:

  • 1x 50mL OPTiX Candy Pop Glass Coating
  • 3x Microfiber Coating Cloths
  • 1x Foam Applicator Block
  • 1x Microfiber Applicator Block
  • 3x Suede Wipes
  • 1x Pair of Gloves
  • 1x Instruction and Tips Sheet
  • 1x Do Not Wash Card.

Things To Note:

  • Applicable Locations: Exterior Paint, Wheels & Glass
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Product Type: SiO2 Ceramic Coating
  • Safe on gloss or matte paints/wraps.
  • Size(s): 50mL

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What is a ceramic coating? A ceramic coating is a crystallising polymer liquid that chemically bonds to surfaces, curing hard into a glass-like layer.

What is Candy Pop? Candy Pop is a true crystallising SiO2 coating that creates a thick layer, however is quite weak. Despite its thickness, the coating itself is quite soft and therefore can be removed easily. This also means it does not last long when applied to a car that is regularly driven and cleaned.

What is the purpose of Candy Pop? Candy Pop's thick layer produces an impeccable gloss while saturating the paint, which brightens light colours and intensifies metallic flakes. This is an ideal choice for show car vehicles.

If Candy Pop does not protect why should I use it? This is a viable option for chasing more gloss and paint enhancement for those that own show cars and attend concourse events.

What do ceramic coatings do? Ceramic coatings cure to a hard layer on top of the surface. The silica properties make it extremely hydrophobic, which repels the water off the surface. This also aids with bird poo, bee pollen and tree sap, making them easier to remove as they don't stick directly to the paint. Coatings will also provide some UV protection and keep the car looking glossy for a while.

Why should I ceramic coat my car? Think of ceramic coatings as a permanent wax. If you are sick of waxing your car every so often then the longevity of a coating will be appealing to you. It is also significantly more hydrophobic so maintaining your car will be far easier. Overall as a product it is just better than wax but you are limited to the fact that you can not polish your car without removing it.

How long does a ceramic coating last for? Each manufacturer/company will list the lifetime of their coatings. There are however many factors that could either reduce the life or increase it. Factors like whether the car is garaged or not, cleaned frequently, using the right products, consulting with the installer and more.

Will a ceramic coating stop my car from getting scratches? Not really. All coatings provide some form of scratch resistance, which is usually 9H or 10H. This refers to the grade of pencil tip used to see whether it penetrates or not. But for keying or bush scratches or washing, your car is still going to get swirls and scratches anyway.

Will a ceramic coating protect my paint from stone chips? Absolutely not. Rock chips will absolutely go straight to the plastic or metal if fast enough. The protection offered by a coating in this circumstance is negligible.

OPTiX Performance

Best ceramic coating for cars

OPTX Nano ceramic coatings are known for their durability, water repellence, and high gloss finish. They also provide protection against UV rays, oxidation, and chemical contaminants. OPTiX Nano offers a range of ceramic coatings, including DIY options and professional-grade coatings applied by certified installers. When considering a ceramic coating for your car, it's important to research and compare different OPTiX coatings and products to find the one that best suits your needs and budget. Additionally, it's essential to properly prep the vehicle's surface before applying the coating to ensure the best results.