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OPTiX Bluey Wash Mitt

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OPTiX Bluey Wash Mitt

The OPTiX Bluey Wash Mitt is an awesome, soft, thin and comfortable microfiber car wash mitt/glove. Due to its thin material, it is relatively light to hold when soaked compared to the thicker mitts that become really heavy when saturated. These are a great affordable wash mitt to add to your car wash.

What To Use It For:

  • Hand washing your car.
  • Cleaning exterior.
  • Removing dirt and grime.

Light To Use

You will find that with a lot of the thicker wash mitts, that they become too heavy to hold when saturated. Luckily the OPTiX Bluey is relatively thin which makes it light when soaked and makes it easier to get around your car. With a nice shampoo, this mitt glides across your car.

Great For Cleaning

The thin synthetic fibres allows the mitt to glide smoothly across the surface. It collects dirt particles safely and gently without the risk of leaving swirls and scratches. This awesome mitt won't leave scratches in your car. It is easy to wash and dry and with it's affordable price, it's hard to beat it.

How To Use It:

  1. Wash your car down with water or a soapy water mix.
  2. Fill up a wash bucket and add shampoo.
  3. Dip the wash mitt into the wash bucket.
  4. Hand wash your car down.
  5. Every now and then, rinse/wash your wash mitt in a rinse bucket.

Things To Note:

  • Applicable Locations: Exterior
  • Product Form: Mitt
  • Product Type: Wash Mitt
  • Material: Microfiber & Synthetic Fibres