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Introduction To Polishing Class

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Introduction To Polishing Class

Whether you are a detailer or someone who just wants to work on their car(s), this class will cover the basics of polishing. Buffing a car for the first time can be a daunting experience as most who lack the confidence are scared of damaging paint or touching other people's cars. At the end of this class, you should feel comfortable with polishing a car and have learned vital skills.

Who Can Take This Class?

  • Newbies
  • Those who are starting a business
  • Weekend warriors
  • Basically anyone who wants to learn how to polish...

Machines Available

  • OPTiX Dual Action Random Orbital, 21mm, 6 Inch.
  • OPTiX Dual Action Random Orbital, 15mm, 5 Inch.
  • OPTiX Dual Action Random Orbital, 8mm, 5 Inch.
  • OPTiX Dual Action Random Orbital, 12mm, 3 Inch.
  • OPTiX Mini Dual Action Random Orbital, 2 Inch.

Attendees receive a 5% discount on all OPTiX products purchased on the same day of training, including machines.

Class Structure

At the beginning of the class you will learn how to hold and handle the machine properly. You will be briefed on the differences of machines, buffing pads, compounds and what they all do. This will help build a foundation of the staging systems and how to achieve certain finishes. Slowly but surely you will begin polishing a car usually starting with a cutting stage and then you will refine your work to see the before and afters. Eventually, it will be down to repetition to get confidence. By the end of the practical you should be polishing on your own with newfound confidence and knowledge. Either at the very end or beginning, you will be brought into the products show room to learn about the OPTiX system and range so you can apply the knowledge to your practical.


You may bring your own machine but if you don't have one already, fear not, you can use some of ours. If you bring your own machine, you can get comfortable with what you have. You will be required to bring your own vehicle or panels to practise on and it would be better if it was washed prior to the class. You don't need to have existing knowledge to be able to polish, but if you do some research on the topic of polishing it will help you understand the concepts better during the class.


Finishing this class does not automatically make you a professional. The aim of this class is for the student(s) to learn to hold a polisher correctly, use it correctly, be able to perform basic paint corrections, build confidence as well as provide understanding of the systems and consumables. By the end of the class you should be able to go home and perform a basic paint correction on your vehicle. We want you to enjoy the experience and show enthusiasm to learn. Students must wear enclosed shoes.

How To Book

You can purchase this training online and we will contact you to organise a date. Alternatively, you can contact us through the 'Contact Us' page, call us or message us on Instagram or Facebook.