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Coating Microfiber Application Cloth - pack of 20

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A Microfibre Cloth for the purposes of applying ceramic coatings.

These microfibre suede cloths are soft and do not leave lint around, which is important if you need a perfect finish for your next application of coating.

We recommend wrapping one of these soft suede coating cloths around a foam coating block for better ergonomics.

It is very important to use a fresh cloth after every few panels so you are not cross contaminating fresh coating with coating that has already started going off. Changing out to fresh microfibre coating cloths every few panels is more important during warmer or hot air temperatures when coating.


  • when coating wheels you may find it easier to apply wrapping a microfibre suede coating cloth around your index finger for a better reach of tight spots. We recommend wearing gloves when coating. 
  • use a detailing swab to get into the hard to reach places.