OPTIX FMJ Warranty Statement 3 to 9 years

OPTiX FMJ Graphene Coating 3-Year Warranty Statement 

This warranty statement covers the OPTiX FMJ Graphene Coating ("the Product") and is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of application. To maintain the validity of this warranty, certain conditions must be met by the owner of the coated vehicle. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the voiding of this warranty.

  1. Yearly Top-Up Service: To keep the warranty valid, a yearly top-up service must be conducted by an approved OPTiX Detailer. Failure to perform this service annually will void the warranty. Warranty card in good condition must be presented to the approved OPTiX detailer. The yearly Top-Up Service is due 12 months from the date of original application.
  2. Maintenance Conditions: The owner must gently hand wash the vehicle using OPTiX Shampoo and apply OPTiX Final Boost once a month. The use of any other products or methods for washing may void the warranty.
  3. Surface Treatment Restrictions: Polishing or buffing the coated surface is strictly prohibited. Any such treatments will void the warranty.
  4. Authorized Detailers: Use of non-approved OPTiX Detailers for any services related to the Product will void the warranty.
  5. Neglect of Coating or Maintenance: Neglect of the coating or improper maintenance, as specified in the maintenance conditions, will void the warranty.
  6. Labour Exclusion: This warranty does not cover any labour costs associated with the reapplication or repair of the Product.
  7. Coverage Limitations: The warranty covers only the replacement coating required to treat the surface of the vehicle. It does not cover the vehicle itself, any surface damage, or any other aspect of the vehicle. Does not cover stains, scratches, etchings, marks on or in the coating of any sort.
  8. Warranty Applicability: This warranty applies only to the OPTiX FMJ Graphene Coating and does not extend to any other products or services.

By adhering to these conditions, the owner of the coated vehicle can ensure the validity of the OPTiX FMJ Graphene Coating 3-Year Warranty. Failure to comply with these terms will result in the voiding of this warranty and any associated benefits.

 Top up annual service

It is important to note that to keep the warranty valid, you must present your warranty card to an approved OPTiX detailer at the time of the annual top-up service. This must be done no later than 90 days after the due date of the annual service, which is 12 months from the coating application date. Failure to present the warranty card within the specified time frame may result in the warranty being voided. Therefore, it is important to keep the warranty card in a safe place and present it to the approved OPTiX detailer at the time of the annual top-up service to ensure the warranty remains valid.

The yearly top-up service is due in 12 monthly intervals from the original application date of the OPTiX FMJ coating, and not 12 months from the top-up service date. This means that if the original application date was January 1st, the yearly top-up service would be due on or before January 1st of the following year. It is important to adhere to this schedule to maintain the coating and ensure that the warranty remains valid.

OPTiX Nano Technologies is not responsible for the availability of approved or certified detailers in any locations. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they can find an authorized OPTiX detailer for their annual service and have their warranty card validated.

In the event that a customer is unable to find an authorized OPTiX detailer for their annual service, and as a result, is unable to have their warranty validated, the warranty may be voided. It is important to take all necessary measures to ensure that the warranty is not voided due to the unavailability of an authorized OPTiX detailer, such as researching and finding a nearby authorized detailer well in advance of the annual service due date.

Your warranty can be renewed to a maximum of 9 years from the date of first application. Speak to your approved OPTiX Detailer


All claims must be directed to the detailer/applicator that originally applied the FMJ coating. Otherwise contact the nearest authorised OPTiX detailer.