OPTiX OP6 Sprayable coating for glass & bikes

OPTiX OP6 Sprayable coating for glass & bikes

Windscreen Coating

50ml bottle is $50

Great for

  • Repelling rain/water for exterior glass/windows, cars, bikes, and marine
  • Make cleaning shower screens or glass fence easier
  • Residential or commercial
  • Protect engine and fiddly bits like wire wheels by water proofing them
  • Bonds to glass surfaces for up to 2 years and up to 12 months on other materials

This is a 50ml bottle that will coat up to 10 sedan windows.

Note that window wipers and excess cleaning will remove the coating. Like all coating they are extremely resilient against water and most general washing soaps but they do not like abrasion. Any polishing, and the use of wipers will eventually wear the coating faster.

For best results apply front windscreen twice a year.

How to apply?


  1. apply a few drops to a microfibre applicator and wipe directly to the surface
  2. allow 15 to 30 minutes to bond
  3. wipe off excess with a clean dry micrfibre cloth
  4. allow 2 hours before getting wet.

Fiddly bits

  1. spray with an air brush or small spraying gun on approx 50psi
  2. allow 30 minutes to dry and check for any excess that might need wiping
  3. allow 2 hours before getting wet.