OPTIX OP1 Certified/Trade ONLY

OPTIX OP1 Certified/Trade ONLY

Certified OPTiX Detailers ONLY 

OP1 SiO2 glass coating slow cure long working time lasts up to 5 years

OP1 must be used as the top coat.

Apply 1 layer of OP888 and allow to cure for 4 hours using any kind of heat like infra-red lamps. For best results allow the car to sit over night before applying OP1

Apply OP1 over the top of the base layer of OP888. The OP1 will bond to the OP888 layer doubling the thickness. Allow the OP1 layer to cure for 2 hours.


Finishing an OPTiX Coating requires to use of OPTiX NINE or OPTiX Nano Slick. In order to get the slick finish feel a final application of either NINE or NANO Slick leaves the coating with a slick feel. This final step also adds a little protection for the fresh coating which will not be at its best performance for up to 4 weeks.