This is the new line of water based ceramic coatings that can last up to 6 months and for low km vehicles that are always under cover you may find it lasting longer

Price is $59.99 for a 500 ml 


 Use this for,

  • You want an easy way to ceramic coat your vehicle
  • Up to 6 months protection with 10/10 water beading properties. 
  • ceramic coat your ride with easy application, no experience required
  • To get a great Shine is 8/10 (add OPTiX Nano for 10/10)
  • Protection level at peak is 9/10
  • Great as a wax or coating booster to gain 10/10 protection levels
  • Use over a Ceramic Coating as extra strong maintenance
  • Use on paint, wheels, rain repellent and many other uses
  • Cost effective for vehicle dealerships, and all detailing businesses


For best results we strongly suggest

  • Polishing with OPTiX Final by hand or a DA/RO prior to application of +SUPERCHARGED
  • Using OPTiX final boost standard after every wash. OPTiX Final Boost standard is a spray on and rinse off formula. Final Boost is hybrid of synthetic wax and ceramic. Final Boost standard can be used as a spray and rinse method or as a quick detailer. (Part 2 video of when to use Final Boost with Final Boost +SUPERCHARGED)
  • Use OPTiX Nano spray sealant at the end to get the slickest finish known to man



How to apply +SUPERCHARGED

First wash


  1. Wash car
  2. clay paint or iron remover or both and rinse clean
  3. (whilst car is still wet) apply a liberal amount of FINAL BOOST +SUPERCHARGED on the painted surfaces by using the applicator,
  4. Dry the car using your micro fiber drying towel.
  5. Any high spots can be blended with a microfiber cloth.


Second wash in a week or 2 later

  1. wash car and rinse with clean water
  2. spray Final Boost spray with a fine mist onto a couple panels and rinse off with clean water straight away repeat to all panels
  3. dry with micro fiber towel


 Comparison Chart