OPTiX D-Bug - Fast Insect and Bug Remover

OPTiX D-Bug - Fast Insect and Bug Remover

OPTiX D-Bug is a ready to use fast acting insect/bug cleaner that is made in Perth Western Australia.

How to use it;

Rinse the insect effected area preferably with a pressure cleaner in a cool shaded environment.

Spray OPTiX D-Bug onto the bug infested area and allow to soak for 10 seconds. Do not allow to dry on the surface. Spray more water to keep the surface wet if required.

Rinse the treated surface with a pressure cleaner or garden hose.

For stubborn areas it is best to apply a second spray of D-Bug and now start hand washing with your wash mitt before rinsing again.

Repeat the above is required to baked on bugs.

It is normal that bug splatter may have cause staining onto the surface front paint to PPF or other materials. If staining occurs the next step is to use mild polishes and in some cases aggressive polishes.

It is recommended that a wax/sealant or hydrophobic spray is applied over the surface after using D-Bug to keep the area protected.

OPTiX D-Bug is on the alkaline side of the pH scale and must be considered especially if being used on alloy finishes and any other material where only pH neutral products can be used.

 Available in

250 ml $19.99 comes with sprayer

1 litre $37.00 comes with sprayer