OPTiX CLAY MITT - Soft to Medium

OPTiX CLAY MITT - Soft to Medium
The perfect all rounder medium OPTiX Nano Clay Mitt.
Price is $18.95
  • An economical solution that allows you wash and clay your car easily, save time and energy.
  • Convenient to remove incrustation, grime and other dirty things on your car.
  • Flexible, easy to use. No more folding, kneading, and flattening. Rinses clean with water.
  • Made of microfiber and clay bar material, soft to touch your car while cleaning.

How to use it,

Spray clay lube onto the surface you wish to use the OPTiX Clay Mitt

Wipe the surface with the clay side down and wipe back and forth in the same area around 6 to 10 times then rinse with clean water and feel with your hand.

If the surface is still rough then repeat. If the surface is smooth then move to the next section.