Rotary Polisher Extension M14

Rotary Polisher Extension M14

These high quality steel shafts come in 55mm, 80mm and 120mm lengths and are notched to make removal easy with a spanner and will fit all M14 thread polishers. These can also be used connected together to create unique lengths as required. Please note these for a metric M14 threaded spindle.

The rotary extension shaft was designed with detailers in mind in response to the issue of reaching tight and awkward areas, such as round wing mirrors, spoilers, sills & bumpers whilst polishing with a rotary machine. By using the extension shaft, extra clearance is offered to safely polish these areas without risking striking/damage to the paintwork.

You might be interested in combining a 1 inch to 3 inch backing plate for those tight areas.


Price ranges from,

  • $10 for a 55mm
  • $15 for a 80mm
  • $20 for a 120mm