OPTiX SUPER CUT polishing compound

OPTiX SUPER CUT polishing compound

This product is set to please almost every detailer and enthusiast. 

OPTiX SUPER CUT polishing compound that polishes to remove medium to deep imperfections and oxidised paint whilst adding gloss. SUPER CUT is a powerful polishing compound approved for removing scratches on newly cured paints as well and older paints that require heavy paint correction. Silicone free and low dusting compound removes sanding scratches, over-spray and swirls like an aggressive compound should.

After using #3 SUPER CUT you should follow up with either #2 or #1 or both.

Estimated retail price is $34.99 each 500ml bottle of WET FINISH will cover up to 5 cars.

SUPER CUT is recommended to be used on a machine polisher although it can be used by hand too. A more experienced detailer may find that Supercut is pretty nice on the rotary. Rotary cut on a black car like a pro with less holograms.

SUPER CUT is all about a quality product, because quality high performance compounds is crucial to a professional detailer, paint shop or enthusiasts. This is a product made specifically to match the highest standards of what high end professionals need in compounds.