OPTiX PRO-Polisher KIT DA/RO with 3 S-line pads

OPTiX PRO-Polisher KIT DA/RO with 3 S-line pads

OPTiX Nano Technologies Dual Action Random Orbital Polisher


The OPTiX Nano Technologies 15mm/21mm Dual Action Random Orbital Polisher has been engineered to deliver the agility, power, and precision needed for superior performance and unmatched comfort.


Use This Polisher For:

  • Rapid paint leveling
  • Effective paint correction and sealant application
  • Professional detailing
  • Easy scratch and defect remover


Advanced And Innovative Technology

The OPTiX’s powerful 1000-watt motor, 15mm-21mm orbit, and 5-6" vented backing plate provide the perfect amount of power, pad rotation, and control. It's light, comfortable, smooth running, fun to use, and most of all highly effective. Minimal vibration and enhanced stability allow for prolonged use with minimal fatigue. The improved action, dual movement, relatively easy learning curve, and safe operation make this dual-action polisher ideal for casual or professional use. 


Perfect Results Every Time

The key to extending the longevity of a vehicle’s paint is proper upkeep, including waxing and polishing. With the cost of painting a vehicle being hundreds or even thousands of dollars, waxing and polishing is an inexpensive way to keep your vehicle looking like new. What was once a labour-intensive task that required a lot of elbow grease can be done faster and with better results and less effort using this Dual-Action Random Orbital Polisher!


Lightweight, Ergonomic Design

Lightweight, ergonomic design makes this polisher easy to manoeuvre in all positions. We have taken all the lessons learned from our years of dual-action orbital experience  & evolution then poured them into the OPTiX. This results in a tool that is so easy to use that even first timers can detail their ride with confidence, peace of mind, and high expectations. Get yours today and power your car's shine to new heights.


Key Features:

  • The most comfortable, most balanced orbital we've ever created
  • Powerful 1,000-watt motor, 15mm or 21mm orbit for efficient defect removal
  • Powerful 1,000-watt motor, the 15mm is equipped with 5" and 21mm equipped with 6" backing plate for efficient defect removal
  • Variable speed control
  • 4-meter cable for added convenience
  • Comes with a 12-month Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Spare brushes
  • Removable handle
  • Made for the detailer or hobbyist



Each OPTiX polisher standard kit comes with 

1 x DA polisher OPDA21PRO or OPDA15PRO

1 x 5 or 6 inch orange coarse cutting foam pad

1 x 5 or 6 inch white medium polishing foam pad

1 x 5 or 6 inch black finishing foam pad

1 x Tool bag to hold your kit in

1 x removable handle

1 x spare set of brushes

1 x 5 or 6 inch backing plate


The OPTiX OPDA21PRO & the OPDA15PRO is a DA/RO professional detailing polisher made to cut through the toughest swirls and scratches.

"Chew the fat"

For the beginners

We highly recommend this OPDA15PRO dual action random orbital polisher because The 15 is an allrounder. The 15 can also be setup with a 3-4 inch pad system to get around smaller areas like bumpers, thin pillars and tight curves.

The OPTiX 15mm is a DA/RO polisher with a 1000 watt motor giving it plenty of grunt and is suited for vehicles with a lot of curves. It is recommended that you couple The 15 with a 5 inch system for the best results.


More speed?

The OPTiX 21mm is a DA/RO polisher has been fitted with 1000 watts of power! The 21 cuts through the toughest swirls and scratches with it's large 21mm throw. The 21 is usually the go to polisher by most professionals because of the efficiency over The 15. Beware 21mm throw polishers tend to blow out pads especially foam pads. This because of the excessive heat generated by the twisted and pulling of the big 21mm throw. Experienced operators will usually limit the time and pressure to reduce the pads burning out too quickly.

Tip we suggest rotating 3 to 4 of your cutting pads to eliminate the excessive pad fatigue. When a pad 'blows out' it becomes useless. When dissecting a blown out over fatigue foam pad you will see a pocket like a cave where there used to be foam. The interior of the foam pad has completely disintegrated yet the outside still looks perfectly normal. 



A dual action random orbital backing plate spins off centre from the main axial (the main shaft), whereas a rotary machine's backing plate is connected directly centred to the axial spinning 100% balanced like a wheel perfectly centred on a car's hub. Because the dual action polisher spins the backing plate off centre the centre of the backing plate is being thrown in and out a bit like the moon going around the earth. The larger the throw, the larger the surface area it covers in the same amount of rpm. 



The truth from experience is we don't claim this to be as good as a $800+ plus machine but we do claim it is pretty damn good and pretty damn close to one.


Warranty info

Our manufacturer offers the OPTiX polishers a 1 year warranty (see user manual for more info). Each machine has a serial number that is recorded at the factory. The serial must be on the machine and must be legible. The machine must be in good condition, abuse voids warranty. Using pads not suited to our machine may void warranty, why? Some pads are bigger and heavier than what the polisher was made for. You must have a copy of the receipt. The warranty period starts from the purchase date and not the pickup or delivery date. When making a claim the distributor/seller of the machines is not liable to give you a replacement or a loan machine. Assessments of any claims is done by the factory.

User manual

OPTiX DA12_15_21 user manual.pdf