OPTiX Buff Mate Microfibre Towel 5 Pk

OPTiX Buff Mate Microfibre Towel 5 Pk

The OPTiX 20 cm x 20 cm Buff Mate Towel $24.99 for a pack of 5

Why only 20 cm x 20 cm? This little towel was designed by Des to fit one hand without the need of folding a standard 40x40 into 4. What's wrong with folding a towel into 4? well the folded towels tend to move between the surface and the hand causing the towel to constantly unfold itself. The other reason is it is much easier to know which side is cleaner than the other. when folding into 4, "the 8 sides" gets lost in the constant folding and unfolding. 

The perfect mate for your hand buffing needs

As a professional it makes more sense to have a stack of small buffing towels with different colours on each side. As a professional doing a lot of dark vehicles or lots of polishing means the towels become saturated in the oils and lubricants so therefore you really want to change towels over to fresh ones every few panels. With the 2 different colour sides you can dedicate one side for the first 2 passes of machine polishing and then turn it over for the finishing passes to get a cleaner surface finish free from oily smears.

Using our OPTiX BUFF MATE for waxing, coating and other LSP's is great especially if you need to apply with one side and buff off with the other. This is especially useful when it comes to using quick detailers and other sprayable liquids because one side becomes damp and the other side is nice and dry to finish with.

When it comes to cleaning of interiors it's handy to dust with one side like the red side and the finish on the black side so that you are not cross contaminating and causing more scratches.

The OPTiX BUFF MATE microfibre towels are made with 600gsm coral fleece microfibre material. They are machine washable best with Chemical Guys microfiber wash or OPTiX interior cleaner. 

Handy Reusable Storage Bags

Each towels comes with a super soft resealable bag so you can store and label each bag for a specific purpose for better organising.