OPTiX ALL-IN-ONE Hose Sprayer & Dispenser

OPTiX ALL-IN-ONE Hose Sprayer & Dispenser

Garden Hose Foam Gun with Multi Mixing Ratio that connect to most garden hoses with a click attachment. $24.99


  • For all types of cleaning & degreasing 
  • Trucks, cars and other equipment
  • Multiple spray types
  • OPTiX SHAMPOO dispenser
  • OPTiX FINAL BOOST dispenser
  • Carpet/mat pre-soak misting


  • Connects to a standard garden hose connector.
  • Easy & convenient setup & pack up time
  • Reduces Chemical consumption
  • Measurement ensures the correct amounts used. 


  1. Connect to hose
  2. Fill clear measuring bottle with soap or OPTiX Final Boost
  3. Turn the valve on top of the sprayer ON
  4. Press the trigger once to start spraying
  5. Turn off water by pressing the trigger once
  6. Turn the valve off on top of sprayer 
The most common feedback we hear from our customers is "it's such a handy unit" and "it's so easy to use"
Buy one for the dog :) Add dog shampoo into the dispenser and with one click of the trigger your pooch is getting a bubble bath. Tip when dispensing detergent you should select the MIST sprayer. The mist function reduces the water flow giving a higher concentration of chemical. 
Even though the unit doesn't create a thick lathery foam like a snow foam cannon on a high pressure unit, the benefit is there. The detergent once dispensed onto the surface of the vehicle will run down. The "run off" will slow down and come to a stop after about one minute. Although this may not look pretty, the detergent will cling to the surface and coat the surface acting as a fantastic lubricant as you wash.