OPTiX Coating Training

OPTiX Coating Training

The team from AutoFX WA will explain and demonstrate many of the different coatings within the OPTiX range so that you can make a more informed choice of what each of the coatings has to offer. 

How to layer coating?

How many layers of ceramic coating should I apply?

How long before coats? 

Should I apply a topper over fresh ceramic coating?

How many cloths and what grade of cloths should I use?

Will the air temperature effect the coating?

How do I become a certified OPTiX Detailer?

How much should I charge? 

These questions and many more will be answered during your training session. 

Below are some questions that you might want answered before taking the first steps forward,

Question. Will I be certified once I have completed my OPTiX Coating Training? Answer. No, the training is not a certification fee, it is purely an in depth training session to transform you into being ready to started, you'll be amazed at how much you will learn about our coating and our systems.

Question. Can I advertise as an OPTiX Detailer after my OPTiX Coating Training by AutoFX WA? Answer. Yes you can , because promoting yourself as an OPTiX Detailer is purely a business statement to say you are proud to be a "Detailer" that uses mainly OPTiX products and you are have the extra experience of being officially guided by OPTiX with a in depth OPTiX Coating Training session.

Question. Does OPTiX / AutoFX WA offer OPTiX Detailing Training? Answer. YES we offer a detailing training for those who want to be known as an OPTiX Detailer they must be using the OPTiX Detailing Products.

Question. How do I make a booking for this OPTiX Coating Training? Answer. You need to go to email us info@autofxwa.com.au or call us (AutoFX WA) on (08) 6180 8767. 

Question. How do I pay? Answer. Simply go to https://shop.autofxwa.com.au and purchase it online once you are ready.