OPTiX Premium 300GSM Coating Cloth

OPTiX Premium 300GSM Coating Cloth

Pre-packaged packs of 3 different colour microfiber cloths suitable for ceramic coating applications.

We have 2 options,

  • Bag of 7 packets with 3 cloths (300GSM each) in each for $64.99
  • Single packet of 3 cloths (300GSM each) for $9.99

Each of these micro-fiber towels are 300gsm which is the minimum for coating quality and thick enough to not scratch soft paints.

 Anything less than 300gsm is not recommended for paint or delicate surfaces.

Each bag contains 21 x 300gsm towels made up of 8 packets, each packet has 3 towels for perfect storage and organising of your coating system.


The 3 towel coating system was invented by OPTiX many years ago.

The OPTiX 3 towel coating system consists of 3 towels preferably 3 different colours to easily distinguish between "towel 1" Towel 3" and "towel 3"

The numbers 1 to 4 should be written with a marker in each of the 4 corners (1 number in each corner on the same side). On the other side number 5 to 8 is written with one number in each corner.

Repeat the same process in numbering the towel number 2. Towel 3 does not need to be numbered although as a beginner it might help if you did. Change the sides after each 2 panels so that you have a fresh side approximately every 2 or 3 panels.