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SWISSVAX Motorcycle Discovery Collection

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SWISSVAX Motorcycle Discovery Collection - For Gloss Painted Bikes

Your perfect way to get started with Swissvax ! This kit contains all the basic elements to detail your bike with the worlds finest products.

This kit contains;

  • Motorcycle Wash Shampoo Concentrate 
  • Motorcycle Cleaner Fluid Regular Pre-Treatment
  • Your choice of Bike Sheen or R.Rossi's signature Bike Wax
  • Black Wax applicator pad (Or use your bare hands)
  • White Applicator pad for Cleaner Fluid Regular
  • Blue Microfiber cloth for buffing off your wax
  • Pink Microfiber cloth for buffing off Cleaner Fluid Regular
  • Yellow Microfiber wash cloth for use with Bike Bath Shampoo
  • Free Storage bag

With regular cleaning and maintenance your bike will always shine in splendor with SWISSVAX