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SWISSVAX Master Collection (Without Wax)

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SWISSVAX Master Collection (Without Wax)

  • NEW and updated, more value added into the ultimate Swissvax collection but the price remains the same
  • The complete Car Care System representing the ultimate in organization combining convenience and practicality
  • Perfectly caters for the care and protection needs of paintwork, wheels, tyres, leather seats, plastics, vinyl, chrome, brass, nickel, glass, etc. and will enhance every detail of your automobile investment to award winning Concours standard
  • Always tidy and at hand thanks to the FREE practical Dual Level Cooler Bag with variable dividers
  • Save 10% as a bundle compared to the individual price of the items inside this kit, AND the kit bag is free (RRP $89.99).
  • Swissvax is the official Global supplier of car care products and waxes to Bugatti, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz Classic, Rolls-Royce, Spyker and Lamborghini
  • Can be used on top of any Ceramic Coating, Sio2 Glass Coating or paint protection to add a deeper wet look shine, a smoother silky finish and to provide protection against hard water spotting.

Included in the scope of delivery:

  • Duel Level Thermo-insulated storage bag with variable dividers
  • Wax of your choice - from the list below
  • Cleaner Fluid Regular 250ml
  • Cleaner Fluid Medium 250ml
  • Cleaner Fluid Strong 100ml
  • Pneu Tyre Treatment 250ml
  • Pneu application brush
  • Crystal Glass Cleaner 250ml
  • Wheel Spray Forte 250ml
  • Car Bath shampoo concentrate 250ml
  • Protecton 250ml - conditioner for plastics and vinyl
  • Micro-Fluffy Towel - Red
  • Micro-Fluffy Towel - Grey
  • Clay Bar - Yellow
  • Leather Cleaner 250ml
  • Leather Cleaning brush
  • Leather Milk 250ml
  • Quick Finish detailing fluid 250ml
  • Quick Interior Finish 250ml
  • Metal Polish
  • Wood Wax 
  • Autobahn Wheel / Rim Wax
  • Hand Puck - Large - Red
  • Hand Puck - Large - Grey
  • Wax applicator pad - Black
  • Mini Concourse Duster - for interiors
  • Washpudel washing mitt
  • Micro-Glass Cloths x 2
  • Sontara Cloth x 2
  • Microfiber towel - Yellow
  • Microfiber towel - Rose
  • Micro-Dry Towel
  • Detail Brush
  • Wheel Brush
  • Lotos Speed sealant 250ml
  • SWISSVAX Handbook (English Version)

The Master Collection is the ultimate in organization combining convenience and practicality. It represents all the rich know-how and the sense for perfection that Swissvax has achieved over three generations with its unique car care system. 

You will definitely cause a sensation when you use these revolutionary products for the first time.

Do consider purchasing a luxury carnauba wax with your collection.