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OPTIX Classic Microfibre Wheel Brush Set

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OPTiX Classic Microfibre Wheel Woolie 2 piece set

Cleaning wheels with microfibre almost eliminates scratches like bristles.

Tip bending :) our wheel woolie have a bendable section at the tip of the microfibre so that you get the the backs of the wheels and all those hard to reach places.

Don't you hate the dirty flick back from bristle brushes? Yep we know, you wont have a barrage of that black water grime flicking back all over your nice clothes and face :)

• Clean wheels with the ultimate ease

• Clean wheels of all shapes and sizes, and your hands will stay clean

• Safe on any wheel finish

• Constructed from 100% polypropylene to prevent scratching and damage to the surface area being cleaned. Dense absorbent synthetic wool microfiber eliminates wheel cleaner splatter and can stand up to any cleaner.

• Designed to flex and bend when cleaning those hard to reach spaces. Safe for wheels and rims of all finishes.

• Perfectly designed to clean wheels but can also be used to clean grills, spokes, door jams, engine areas, and other tight locations.

Long wheel barrel cleaning tools like the OPTiX Classic Microfibre Wheel Woolie are generally used with a lot of force just above the handle. This load coupled with the extra weight of water that is absorbed into the microfibre tend to bend just above the handle and eventually breaks sooner than later. Detailers hate handles that bend easier because it is frustrating. Our handle and shaft is made of a hard plastic instead of weak mild steel wire.