OPTiX Pink Stuff Quick Detailer - AutoFX Car Care Products
OPTiX Pink Stuff Quick Detailer - AutoFX Car Care Products
OPTiX Pink Stuff Quick Detailer - AutoFX Car Care Products

OPTiX Pink Stuff Quick Detailer

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OPTiX Pink Stuff Quick Detailer

Pink Stuff is the most easiest, fool-proof quick detailer/synthetic spray for both gloss and satin finishes that one can find in today's market... This quick detailer is a wipe-on, wipe-off product to get rid of all sorts of weird stains on your exterior or on your interior.

What To Use It For:

  • Add better clarity
  • Produce a warm shine on gloss
  • Produce a clean satin finish on non-gloss surfaces
  • Add mild anti-static properties
  • Remove stains such as dried water, bird poo and more.

Fool Proof Usability

OPTiX Pink Stuff is an extremely easy-to-use product. All that is required to do is spray Pink Stuff directly onto your surface or onto your towel and wipe-on then wipe-off. This product does not contain any powder what-so-ever so you will not get that annoying haze with most quick detailers in today's market.

Quick Detailing

We are not saying OPTiX Pink Stuff may solve all your problems, but... This is a handy product to have especially after you have washed your car. Sometimes when you take too long to dry your car you get those annoying dried water spots, this is a good product for that. Sometimes you get bird poo, wipe it away with Pink Stuff! Maybe you have a black car that has been washed but has accumulated heaps of dust because that is what black cars do... You Stuff your car with Pink.

How To Use It:

  1. Grab yourself a microfiber towel such as the OPTiX Buff Mate.
  2. Dedicate a wipe-on side and a wipe-off side.
  3. Spray finely with Pink Stuff onto either the area or on the towel.
  4. Wipe down the area with your wipe-on side.
  5. Then flip your towel to your wipe-off side (the dry side) and wipe again to remove any leftover residue etc.


  • Applicable Locations: Exterior & Interior
  • Product Type: Synthetic Spray / Quick Detailer
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Sizes: 250mL, 1L & 5L
  • Spray bottles come with a trigger.

Australian Owned & Made


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use this on my interior? It can used on both interior and exterior.

What is a quick detailer? A quick detailer is a wipe-on, wipe-off product design to make cleaning small things like fingerprints, watermarks and more effortless especially after the car has just been detailed.

Will it give a streak-free finish? As long as you don't drench your cloth and buff on and off it will leave a nice glossy and streak-free finish.


Safety Data Sheet

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