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OPTiX Soft to Medium Clay Mitt

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OPTiX Soft to Medium Clay Mitt

The OPTiX Soft/Medium Clay Mitt is a perfect all-rounder for both washing the car and claying the car at the same time! It is an economical way to combine claying and washing together. The soft material allows it to glide over the paint with correct lubrication without scratching it. This alternative clay material is actually a very soft, much soft than a traditional fine clay bar in fact. Use this clay when all you need is to quickly take off the fine and very lightly embedded contaminate. This item best suits someone that much prefers the ease and ergonomics of the glove/mitt, and really wants something super soft for that delicate paint.

What To Use The Clay Mitt For:

  • An economical solution that allows you wash and clay your car easily, save time and energy.
  • Convenient to remove incrustation, acid rain residue and other dirty things on your car.
  • Flexible, easy to use. No more folding, kneading, and flattening. Rinses clean with water.
  • Soft material so it doesn't scratch your car

Things To Note:

  • Material: Microfiber and Clay
  • Size: 8.5" x 5.5" (216mm x 140mm)