OPTiX Fast Finish & Towel Kit - AutoFX WA Car Care Products
OPTiX Fast Finish & Towel Kit - AutoFX WA Car Care Products

OPTiX Fast Finish & Towel Kit

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OPTiX Fast Finish & Towel Kit

Perfect companion for car meets / shows or just for at home when you need a quick wipe-over. Fast Finish is the most easiest, fool-proof quick detailer/synthetic spray for both gloss and satin finishes that one can find in today's market... This quick detailer is a wipe-on, wipe-off product to get rid of all sorts of weird stains, residues and marks on your exterior or in your interior.

What To Use It For:

  • Add better clarity
  • Produce a warm shine on gloss
  • Produce a clean satin finish on non-gloss surfaces
  • Add mild anti-static properties
  • Remove stains such as dried water, bird poo and more.

Fool Proof Usability

OPTiX Fast Finish is an extremely easy-to-use product. All that is required to do is spray Fast Finish directly onto your surface or onto your towel and wipe-on then wipe-off. This product does not contain any powder what-so-ever so you will not get that annoying haze with most quick detailers in today's market.

Good Things Come In Small Packages

This little kit includes a singular 250mL bottle of OPTiX Fast Finish and a singular OPTiX Buff Mate Towel. This package is a neat buy if you haven't tried Fast Finish before and don't want to buy a larger bottle or don't want to buy a bottle with a five pack of Buff Mate Towels. The towel is a great addition to your microfiber arsenal and works really well with Fast Finish.

How To Use It:

  1. Grab yourself a microfiber towel such as the OPTiX Buff Mate.
  2. Dedicate a wipe-on side and a wipe-off side.
  3. Spray finely with Fast Finish onto either the area or on the towel.
  4. Wipe down the area with your wipe-on side.
  5. Then flip your towel to your wipe-off side (the dry side) and wipe again to remove any leftover residue etc.

Things To Note:

  • Applicable Locations: Exterior & Interior
  • Product Type: Synthetic Spray / Quick Detailer
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Kit Includes A 250mL Bottle & Buff Mate Towel

Australian Owned & Made