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OPTiX All-in-One Hose Sprayer & Soap Dispenser

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OPTiX All-in-One Hose Sprayer & Soap Dispenser

This unit is a must-have garden hose sprayer which will fit most garden hoses using the click attachment. It has 8 different spray patterns, a multi mixing ratio dispenser with a 100mL labelled canister to pour your soaps into. This does foam, but no where near as thick as a dedicated foaming cannon. However it is enough to spray a whole car and still have enough product on the surface to do the job.

What To Use It For:

  • Watering gardens
  • Rinsing down objects or vehicles
  • Foaming products
  • Pet grooming / washing

Easy To Use & All-In-One

The feedback we get from this unit is always good. Its a cheap hose sprayer but does everything you need it do do with its 8 spray patterns, multi mixing ratios, foaming dispenser / labelled canister, ergonomic design and easy to press trigger. All you need to do is plug it into a standard click connection and spray.

Many Applications

This is such a versatile buy and can be used in many instances. This is good for washing your vehicles, watering your gardens, cleaning furniture, degreasing various things, rinsing, foaming, dog washes or general pet grooming and more.

    How To Use It:

    1. Connect to hose.
    2. Fill clear measuring bottle with product.
    3. Turn the valve on top of the sprayer to soap or water depending on application.
    4. Press the trigger once to start spraying.
    5. Turn off water by pressing the trigger once.
    6. Turn the valve off on top of sprayer.



    How many spray modes are there? There are 8 modes.

    What is the capacity of the canister? It can hold up to 110mL.

    Can this be used as a foaming cannon? This cannot replace a foaming cannon. You can fill the canister with shampoo and spray the car over to lubricate the car but it does not produce thick enough foam to compare.

    Can I use this for dog washing? This unit is really good for dog washing businesses and we recommend you try it out!

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