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  • Ideal for the application of SWISSVAX Metal Polish on stainless steel or chrome surfaces
  • Uniquely manufactured with Ultrafine strands of shaved brass for effortless, efficient and gentle cleaning of chrome and stainless steel
  • Recommended for motorbikes, marine and automotive metals and brightwork.
  • Effortlessly removes surface rust, oxidisation, hard water spots, stains, tarnish and hardened dirt from all metals without scratching
  • Can be re-used many times

Our Unique Swissvax interwoven brass pads - the secret to great chrome and bright work - made from ultra fine non ferrous brass strands neatly interwoven into a fabric backing pad - brass is one of the softest metals known to man and a natural lubricant, it will remove surface rust, oxidisation, heavy water spots, stains, tarnish and years of baked on dirt from chrome and metals completely scratch free - The pad can be used dry, or in conjunction with Swissvax Metal Polish for the ultimate finishing touch