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One-On-One Paint Correction & Detailing Coaching Class

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Detailing class held by Team AutoFX WA.

The most popular detailing class Des & Detailing Team holds is the 1 on 1 Detailing & Coaching Class.

What is the 1 on 1 Detailing & Coaching Class? The detailing class is designed to give the most precise customised tuition, guidance and training to suit individuals. The 1 on 1 Detailing & Coaching Class starts off with a once off $1000 fee which includes 7 hours of private tuition. It covers anything that is specific to your detailing needs including the coaching of the business aspects as well.  We start off by narrowing down what specific detailing service you want to know about and the business behind it.  The first 7 hours you will give you an introduction of the specific detailing service, the products behind it and the techniques. It sets the foundation for you to move forward in your pursuit of learning more about the business of detailing. we offer a reduced rate for the second person wanting to come along. 

We can cover, DA polishing, Rotary polishing, sanding, and everything else depending on how many days you want and the time we have to cover it. The products we will use are, SWISSVAX, OPTiX and Rupes.

Extra Classes

After the initial 1 on 1 Detailing & Coaching Class you will be on your way more informed with some newly learnt skills to practice with. In a few days and maybe a few weeks you will have more questions and once you have a few questions and feel it is time to do further training all you need to do is contact our team for another full day session.

People we have trained that are now operating their own business.

By taking the step of paying for training you are only investing into yourself.

NOTE. NO REFUNDS on Cancellations and postponements. 

How to get into this? please contact us directly so that we can agree on a date that suits us first. Once we lock in an available date and time we will update this listing to allow you to purchase the amount of spots you require and pay for them here through our shopping cart.