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OPTIX OP888 V2& OP1 V2 paint protection are professional only installed coatings, why?

Unlike the original OP888 & OP1 which are designed for DIY or beginner professionals, the V2 coatings are the equivalent of super glue! If you do do install any part of the coating and leave it for more than 1 hour then chances are it will not even buff off with aggressive compound by hand, in about 1.5 to 2 hours it will have almost fused itself to the paint forming a membrane that is actually scratch resistant. What does this mean? because the coating is made to withstand abrasion (scratch resistant) it means even cutting compound made from very sharp aluminium oxide that would normally cut away ceramic paints would not abrade the glass coating easily at all. Buffing the affected area to remove and correct the incorrect installation of the coating would mean the compound would wear down the paint that it is in contact with much faster than the coating itself causing uneven patches of paint. In some cases it is better to wet sand the affected area with 2500 grit wet and dry so that you are likely to get a even finish.

OP1 V2 Hybrid

OP1 V2 Hybrid


ONLY trained and authorised OPTIX NANO TECHNOLOGIES installers should be used to install the OPTIX professional V2 coatings and come with a 2 years product warranty (conditions apply)


Non authorised installers using OPTIX can not offer the 2 year product warranty.


We have been successfully installing coating since the very first SiO2 glass coating came onto the market in WA which is about 7 years ago onto brand new luxury vehicles including cars worth over half a million dollars.


Des personally has been applying glass coatings for Mercedes-Benz customers on behalf of sales staff for Diesel Motors under the original owners the Goldy’s so by choosing OPTIX you are choosing a brand run by Des and installers trained by Des.


OP888 V2 Professional is harder than any other traditional “ceramic coating” that first came on the scene years ago it has the hardest rating and is designed with adhesion as its number one goal which is why it is so freaking tough!!! This gives the advantage of multiple layering of OP888 V2 over each other to build up thickness if required. The main reason for high adhesion success comes from the reduced nanometer silicon that fills paint pores better than other brands whilst forming about 1 micron per layer.

Gloss 4/5

Durability 4/5

Hardness 5/5


OP1 V2 Professional is a special 3D crystal structure with amazing durability & anti fouling. The glass coating of OP1 V2 changes molecular weight distribution of its existing structure whilst maintaining hardness much like the light weight bones of birds. The structure also allows flexibility and prevents cracking. It offers infinite gloss an amazing glass like finish, UV resistant and can last over 5 years. The atomic nanotechnology makes OP1 V2 extremely water and oil repellent. Only one layer can be achieved with OP1 V2 over a base coat of OP888 V2 or over multiple base coats of OP888 V2. One layer of OP1 V2 is 1 micron.

Gloss 5/5

Durability 5/5

Hardness 5/5


OPTIX wheel coating

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OPTIX wheel coating

OPTIX wheel coating

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