How to win a Car Show

​How to win a car club show and shine like John owner of this classic 5 Series.

Yes there’s  is the obvious checks,  repairs and replacement of mechanical, panel and paint and interior but it isn’t enough to win if it isn’t really clean, detailed or well polished.

Ask for a copy of the judging criteria and ask club members and committee members on tips and history of the past like the quality of vehicles entered at past events.
If you have done everything else right,  from a straight clean panel to an absolutely 100% mechanically sound with an excellent interior, then it’s now all up to the detail to get you over the line.
Many owners will choose the DIY option. But the serious competitive owner will hire a great detailer  that will work closely to the owners needs. I definitely have one tip is spend more than less because a good detail will come down to time. Detailing is very labour intensive and labour/overheads are expensive.
To save some money the owner will need to invest in a few hundred to over a grand to have some success in detailing. 

Biggest tip i can give you is clean your car inside and out really really well, that doesn’t mean a couple hours with a sponge and bath towels. I mean get the tooth brush out. From top to bottom, including decontamination and claying, even the door shuts. Lay on your back and look under your bumpers, under your sides. 

The second tip is do as much of the interior yourself from the thorough vacuum, scrub those carpets clean the seat belts, get into the vents etc.

This should save at least $150

Now your detailer  should be able to tight onto shampooing and leather care plus the final interior touches.

Next the detailer can get onto polishing out the swirls and create the work of art show winning shine which could take as little as 3 hours to as much as 30 hours.

Next ask about the types of LSP’s that the detailer recommends to meet concors comps.

For more information about car detailing please don’t hesitate in asking Des

OPTIX and Chemical Guys products and were used on Johns BMW 

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