The nano-technology revolutionized the coatings industry! OPTiX is proud to introduce the latest advancement in nano-technology coatings, the OPTiX NANO RIM Coat. This product offers a durable, super-slick coating for your wheels that is resistant to scratches and oxidation. The OPTiX NANO RIM Coat is the perfect way to keep your wheels looking new year after year.

Car wheels go through a lot every day, such as grit impact, acid rain corrosion, high temperature exposure, iron powder corrosion, etc., so wheel maintenance is very important. OPTiX Nano Technologies RIM Coat can protect your car wheels from external damage.

Ready to take your car's look to the next level? Introducing OPTiX NANO RIM Coat, the latest innovation in wheel coatings. With OPTiX NANO RIM Coat, we give you more than your average wheel coating. The nano-ceramic particles will go deep down into the wheel, giving your wheels a high-gloss shine that lasts. It's resistant to brake dust, abrasion, and corrosion, keeping your wheel looking fresh for a long time. In addition, it is safe to use on all types of wheels.

OPTiX RIM Coat can withstand temperatures of over 300 Degrees Celsius and one coat lasts for up to 1 year. 2 coats will increase the performance and longevity.

A 30ml vial of OPTiX RIM Coat will coat and protect up to 12 wheels. Once opened always store the unused Rim Coat in a dark cool place and best in the fridge. 

OPTiX RIM Coat ceramic coating can increase wheel's shine, extend durability, enhance water repellency, greatly enhance anti-fouling property and just easier to clean when used in conjunction with OPTiX NANO Iron Remover or OPTiX APC.