OPTIX OP888 V2 Ceramic Coating 30ml & 50ml

OPTIX OP888 V2 Ceramic Coating 30ml & 50ml

A quartz/ceramic SiO2 glass coating that is 9H hardness for maximum scratch resistance layer-able coating. Made in Japan bottles in Australia

30ml bottle is $104.99

50ml bottle is $147.99



  • Our OP888 crystalising ceramic coating bonds to paint, glass, wheels to form a protective layer that sets to a fine layer of crystal that helps fight off the general outside elements that slowly degrades your vehicle's finish. 2 durable layers of OPTiX ceramic coating offers the best results for shine, protection and longevity. OP888 cures to a self primed surface ready for another coat allowing users to multi-layer. Best applied by OPTiX certified applicators / experienced detailers.


  • Best for use by mobile detailers or DIY with some cautions
  • 3 to 5  years protection
  • V2 creates the best bond out of all OPTiX SiO2 Coatings
  • Suitable and recommended for factory matte/satin or vinyl finishes
  • Application requires multiple stages in the process
  • Best cured in house using infrared lamps during colder climates
  • OPTiX OP888 suits the mobile detailer & DIY
  • Multi-layering properties Best results with 2 to 3 layers, 4 to 6 hours between layers
  • For the ultimate coating finish add 1 coat of OPTiX Candy POP

1 to 2 coats is recommended for the best show winning depth, gloss and shine that lasts for up to 3 years or more. 

1 bottle will do 1 car x 2 coats and wheels and door jams.

What else you will need, 

1 Pair of gloves

1 Bottle with a fine misting sprayer

3 to 6 micro fibre cloths (number each corner folded into 4 and numbered) Must be a minimum of 300GSM and best is 600GSM. Most common cheap towels are only $150 to 200gsm.

3 to 6 applicators foam, micro fibre or suede

cleaning alcohol (15%) or cleaning spirits to prep the surface for OP888 glass coating

1 x Bottle of Final Boost for after care coating maintenance spray

1 x Bottle of OPTiX Nano Spray Sealant 7% SiO2 topcoat for coating curing period and that ultra slippery finish that masking tape wont stick to.

1 x Super plush towel for final finishing