OPTiX PINK STUFF Quick Detailer

OPTiX PINK STUFF Quick Detailer

OPTIX PINK STUFF is the most easiest idiot proof Quick Detailer synthetic spray for both gloss or satin finishes that one can find on today's market...

Produces a warm shine on gloss and a nice clean satin finish on your non gloss surfaces. 

Use this to,

Add better clarity

Mild anti-static properties

Quickly detail interior surfaces

Quick clean of leather, vinyl, plastic

Clean glass or plastic screens, windows, perspex   

Reduce finger prints on smooth surfaces like satin or gloss paints to touch screens of other gloss console and trim.

The Pink Stuff quick detailer is easy to use and does not contain any powder so you wont get that haze like other quick detailer. Pink Stuff has the most heavenly Candy Apple fragrance.

Suitable for paint, chrome, alloy, glass, perspex, plastics, lacquer and many other surfaces. How to use it Simply spray directly onto the surface and wipe over to produce an amazing sleek finish. 

Does not contain any soap/detergent.

Available in

250 ml $19.99

1 litre $37.00

5 litres $79.99