OPTiX All-In-One Interior Cleaner

OPTiX All-In-One Interior Cleaner
OPTiX Interior Cleaner is a neutral pH all surface interior with extra cleaning power.
This product will safely clean on any surface from plastic trim, leather, vinyl, fabric including upholstery, micro suede, alcantara. Do not use on nubuck leather, un-sealed/porous leather.
Its concentrated and we recommend diluting before use.
Simply spray and wipe the dirty area and watch the dirt wipe away. It is best to follow with clean damp cloth with only water as it is always best to remove any residual chemical from the surface.
If you needed an interior cleaner that cuts through tough grime yet being close to neutral pH then OPTiX is the right product for you.
On new cars or delicate surfaces we suggest diluting 1:3 or more which is 1 part Interior Cleaner and 3 parts water. For older cars or neglected/dirtier vehicles we suggest a dilution of 1:2 or 1:1
Available in 
250 ml $12.99 comes with sprayer
1 litre $27.00 comes with sprayer
5 litres $75.00