Exterior Shampoo

Exterior Shampoo

OPTiX Shampoo is paint shop safe as it does not contain SiO2.

V4 OPTiX shampoo is made in Western Australia and is our own unique formulation. It is made for thickest creamy snow foam car wash shampoo or bucket washing.  OPTiX Shampoo V4 is gentle on any high end waxes and made specifically to be,

  • Australian Made & packed in Perth 
  • A unique OPTiX formula
  • Be safe on new cars, classic cars, bikes, ATVs, SUVs, exotic vehicles, luxury vehicles or light commercial vehicles.
  • Panel shop safe
  • A thick foaming vehicle wash shampoo

More info will follow in the near future

The best thing about OPTiX SHAMPOO is the good cleaning power without stripping waxes, sealants and highly recommended with your SiO2 coating. Watch how easy it is to rinse away the suds faster without any residue.

Bottled in Australia and packaging materials sourced in Australia.

250ml $16.95

1 litre $27.99

5 litre $64.99

Fragrance is OPTiX Berry Blast