OPTiX Window cleaner

OPTiX Window cleaner

Made in Western Australia.

Windows are always hard to do, but OPTIX WINDOW CLEANER makes cleaning windows much easier and is safe on tint.

Simply spray and wipe with a cotton cloth then go over the area with another dry cotton cloth for a streak free finish.

OPTiX Window Cleaner does not contain ammonia

OPTiX Window Cleaner is made specifically to be,

  • Be safe on all kinds of windows
  • Safe on tint
  • An easy streak free formula
  • Free from ammonia 
  • Australian Made & packed in Perth 
  • Inspection cleaning after polishing
  • Light surface prep prior to waxing or coating
  • Touch screens

Bottled in Australia and packaging materials sourced in Australia.

Available in

250 ml $12.99

1 litre $22.99

5 litres $49.99