OPTiX #NINE High Performance Quick Detailer

OPTiX #NINE High Performance Quick Detailer

OPTiX #NINE is a is a sprayable synthetic quick detailer that is in a league of its own. OPTiX #NINE unlike most quick detailers are not made for maximum protection with 100 degree contact angle water bead quality. 

OPTiX #NINE has the high performance protection like any of the luxury wax brands yet affordable. OPTiX #NINE is much easier than the old fashioned detailing ways of "wax on, wax off". The best feature of OPTiX #NINE is the shine and gloss producing that "New Look Shine" Have the confidence at any concours car or bike show with OPTiX #NINE. OPTiX #NINE it technically a sealant, it also has that warm gloss of a high end wax.

OPTiX #NINE does NOT contain SiO2/Silica and is 100% body shop safe.

Use OPTiX #NINE on 

  • New or used vehicles including cars, bikes & marine for paint protection
  • Newly painted vehicles / repairs for in replace of traditional wax
  • Exterior glass or gloss plastics for protection and rain repellent
  • Chrome, alloy, brass & stainless steel to reduce oxidation
  • Vehicles for show and shine competitions
  • Ceramic coatings
  • Waxes and sealants
  • Household surfaces like kitchen bench tops, splash backs to cupboards & more

Available in 500 ml with a sprayer included $39.99