OPTIX NANO SLICK is a simple easy to use sealant quick to apply and dead easy. The sealant is a temporary Ceramic Coating that is simply sprayed on and never bonds to the surface.


  • Up to 3 months protection with 10/10 water beading properties. 
  • Easy application, no experience required
  • Shine is 8/10
  • Protection level at peak is 9/10
  • Great as a wax or sealant booster to gain 10/10 protection levels
  • Use over a fresh Ceramic Coating job during curing 
  • Use on paint, wheels, rain repellent and many other uses
  • Cost effective for vehicle dealerships, and all detailing businesses

Tip, I prefer to apply whilst indoors or where there is absolutely no breeze. I would spray a mist of Nano over a each panel and start buffing off with a thick fluffy microfiber, repeat for better coverage where needed. Start to finish takes roughly 15 minutes.
Can be used on paint, black piano plastics, polished metals, windows, PPF, lacquer, wheels, headlights, carbon-fibre resins and more.

Best used after a paint correction, new car deliveries and maintenance.

Available in 500 ml $47.75 comes with sprayer

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