Final Boost is a SiO2 hydrophobic spray.

The active ingredients clings to any solid surface that it comes in contact with at a molecular level and will repel water and or most things that contain some form of water. It changes they we care for our vehicles by replacing the need to use wax or traditional sealants.

Applying FINAL BOOST adds a very noticeable shine/gloss to vehicles in good condition. If you are someone that likes the old fashioned way of waxing then you will be happy to know that FINAL BOOST extends the life of waxes and sealants by double if used regularly.

FINAL BOOST is great on wheels, not only adding shine or sheen to your mags, it will make cleaning the wheel easier next time too.

FINAL BOOST can be used in a wet application and a dry application.

Each 1 litre bottle comes with a sprayer.


See how to use it

  1. wash car and rinse with clean water
  2. spray Final Boost spray with a fine mist onto a couple panels and rinse off with clean water straight away repeat to all panels
  3. dry with micro fiber towel



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